2 Ways To Increase Participation In Institutional Effectiveness

2 Ways To Increase Participation In Institutional Effectiveness

Assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness generates a lot of data that must be managed!

  1. Make it Easy To Enter The Data.  You need to serve multiple constituencies. They need a way to present you the data in an understandable format that is placed within the context of institutional and departmental strategic planning.
  2. Analyze, Analyze, Analyze.  Its critical to put automated tools in place to feed the data to a variety of end points where analysis can occur and institutional and departmental health can be monitored.

The greatest challenge in assessment is not defining outcomes or developing relevant course materials, these processes are happening in some form already. The challenge lies in bringing people together to participate in assessment without imposing on their main concerns of teaching and conducting research in their field of expertise. Assessment can be intimidating sometimes to someone with little experience in the subject, but the fact remains that the information required for conducting an informed assessment process is deeply rooted in faculty participation. The answer to this problem is to make assessment as easy as possible. If you make the process efficient and easy to understand, then you remove the barriers of acceptance and get more people on board. Provide a collaboration point for faculty members to manage the assessment process and make it easy to enter data and maintain results. Get everyone onboard with the assessment effort by making the process fast, efficient, and easy.

45 Minutes Can Transform Your Planning and Assessment Process


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