Assessment - Get data organized and build a repository for assessment intelligence

Make Assessment Easier and Drive Improvement Across the Entire Institution

What do we want students to learn? How will we measure this learning? What level of learning is taking place?  These three questions are at the heart of any institutional assessment process.  Assessment can be intimidating to stakeholders with little experience in the subject, but the fact remains that the information required for conducting an informed assessment process is deeply rooted in faculty participation. If you can make the assessment process easy to understand, then you remove the barriers of acceptance and get more people on board.  SPOL provides a digital platform that makes collecting and analyzing assessment data both efficient and painless.  This helps to foster a detailed analysis of assessment observations over time, and drives a collaborative discussion about improvement across the entire institution. Provide a collaboration point for Provosts, Deans, and faculty members to manage the assessment process, and make it easy to enter data and maintain results.  Get everyone onboard with the assessment effort by making the process fast, efficient, and easy with Strategic Planning Online.

Assessment Tools for Higher Education

  • Student Learning Outcome Assessment
  • Institutional Outcome Assessment
  • Conduct Assessment Planning
  • Collect Assessment Data
  • Gauge Institutional Effectiveness
  • Demonstrate Continuous Improvement