Manage budgets strategically and promote a culture of budget planning

Strategic Budgeting and Resource Management for Higher Education

Budgeting in-line with strategic planning efforts guarantees that the most effective plans are funded and that sufficient resources are available for execution. The Budget Module in SPOL was specifically designed to help Deans, Department Chairs, and other Budget Managers to develop their budgets in a strategic and accountable manner, while providing a workflow process to communicate their resource allocation needs to superiors for feedback and approval. There are three critical components that effective budget planners use to develop their budgets; the base budget, the enhanced budget, and the strategic planning objectives that drive the enhancement requests. We use these components to build a strategic budgeting process that brings forward continuing costs, and develops budgets for enhancements based on strategic planning efforts. This ensures that the most effective strategies are funded and that adequate resources are available for continuing operations and enhancement.

Budgeting Software for Higher Education

  • Develop Budgets Strategically to Support Enhancements
  • Manage Approvals and Feedback in an Online Environment
  • Align Institutional Goals and Priorities with Budget Allocation
  • Create a Collaboration Point for Budget Management
  • Tie Funding Directly to Strategic Planning Objectives
  • Develop Zero-Based Budgets in a Collaborative Environment