Planning - Build a collaberation point for strategic planning efforts

Strategic Planning in Higher Education with Strategic Planning Online

Strategic planning and a commitment to continuous improvement is at the heart of any successful institutional effectiveness effort.  In order to be effective, institutions need to engage departments, programs, and other stakeholders in strategic planning, while providing a sound basis for budget decisions and resource allocations.  Strategic Planning Online helps your organization invite stakeholders to play a key role in institutional effectiveness by being a part of the planning and budgeting process from the very beginning.  The strategic plan is developed with the contribution of each department developing their own planning objectives, while describing the resources they will need to meet their goals. Align team members with strategic planning efforts and integrate the budgeting process with strategic planning to ensure that strategic initiatives are well funded with Strategic Planning Online.

Strategic Planning Empowers Stakeholders

  • Coordinate Strategic Planning Efforts and Invite Collaboration
  • Develop Zero Based Budgets in Alignment with Planning Efforts
  • Support Institutional Goals, Planning Priorities, and Mission Objectives
  • Conduct Research Based Planning and Assessment Institution-Wide
  • Clearly Demonstrate Engagement in a Planning and Evaluation Process