Manage Key Aspects of Institutional Effectiveness

  • Strategic Planning for Higher Education
  • Budgeting and Resource Management
  • Student Learning Outcome Assessment
  • Institutional Outcome Assessment
  • Document Faculty Credentials
  • Academic Program Review
  • Accreditation Compliance

Strategic Planning Empowers Stakeholders

  • Coordinate Strategic Planning Efforts and Invite Collaboration
  • Develop Zero Based Budgets in Alignment with Planning Efforts
  • Support Institutional Goals, Planning Priorities, and Mission Objectives
  • Conduct Research Based Planning and Assessment Institution-Wide
  • Clearly Demonstrate Engagement in a Planning and Evaluation Process

Budgeting Software for Higher Education

  • Develop Budgets Strategically to Support Enhancements
  • Manage Approvals and Feedback in an Online Environment
  • Align Institutional Goals and Priorities with Budget Allocation
  • Create a Collaboration Point for Budget Management
  • Tie Funding Directly to Strategic Planning Objectives
  • Develop Zero-Based Budgets in a Collaborative Environment

Make Assessment Easier and Drive Improvement Across the Entire Institution

  • Student Learning Outcome Assessment
  • Institutional Outcome Assessment
  • Conduct Assessment Planning
  • Collect Assessment Data
  • Gauge Institutional Effectiveness
  • Demonstrate Continuous Improvement

Document Faculty Credentials Efficiently

  • Report Faculty Credentials for Accreditation Requirements
  • Build a Repository of Credentialing Documents and Artifacts
  • Match Faculty Credentials for Other Courses and Disciplines
  • Manage Faculty Credentialing Information More Efficiently
  • Ensure that Faculty Members Are Correctly Credentialed
  • Qualify New Faculty Members Prior to Employment

 Be Ready for Accreditation Review Anytime

  • Prepare for Accreditation with a Proven Solution that Really Works
  • Build a Collaboration Point to Organize Accreditation Efforts
  • Manage Workflow for Writers, Readers, and Final Approvers
  • Manage Responses, Documents, Artifacts and Approvals
  • Prepare Compliance Reports Quickly and Publish Results
  • Publish on Paper, on the Web, or Submit Electronically (Key Drive)