Credentialing - Organize faculty credentials quickly and prepare for accrediation compliance reports

Document Faculty Credentials for Accreditation

Documenting faculty credentials is a vital part of ensuring the quality of your institution’s programs and courses. Many accreditation bodies are now requiring faculty rosters to verify that each professor is correctly credentialed to teach their assigned courses. Managing this process manually can be a daunting process that has to be repeated each time, for each reaffirmation cycle. The Faculty Credentialing Module in SPOL empowers provosts, deans, department chairs, and human resource teams to credential faculty members and match their skillset to appropriate courses using CIP codes. The institution’s credentialing team can credential faculty members for teaching based on earned degrees, relevant courses, professional experience, scholarly activities, licensures, and certifications. This creates a central repository for faculty credentials that can be updated easily, and reused for future accreditation cycles with minimal effort.

Document Faculty Credentials Efficiently

  • Report Faculty Credentials for Accreditation Requirements
  • Build a Repository of Credentialing Documents and Artifacts
  • Match Faculty Credentials for Other Courses and Disciplines
  • Manage Faculty Credentialing Information More Efficiently
  • Ensure that Faculty Members Are Correctly Credentialed
  • Qualify New Faculty Members Prior to Employment