Optimize institutional effectiveness.
Evaluate student learning and drive continuous improvement.
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Streamline self-study.
Collaborate, document, and report within one platform.
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Enhance institutional excellence.
Tie funding with planning to ensure optimal resources.
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Transform your institution.
Harness data to establish, achieve, and evolve your vision.
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Enrich course offerings.
Document, track, and verify faculty credentials.
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Elevate institutional effectiveness and foster continuous improvement

SPOL was built for educators by educators. Our mission is to transform higher education institutions by delivering actionable insights with the power to shape your school’s future.

Intuitive Framework

SPOL’s intuitive framework fosters collaboration across planning, accreditation, assessment, credentialing, and budgeting, facilitating high-level analysis and data-informed decision-making at all levels of your institution.

Real-Time Insights

With real-time insights at your fingertips, your school is empowered to drive continuous improvement, optimize institutional effectiveness, and improve student achievement outcomes.

With SPOL, Anything is Possible.

To learn more about how SPOL can help your school achieve institutional excellence, contact us for a demo today.

SPOL 2018 Users’ Conference – Register Today

We’re hosting our 8th Annual Users’ Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this October. Improve your knowledge of the SPOL platform and gain key insights into institutional effectiveness. This year, we’re honored to present our keynote speaker, President of SACSCOC, Dr. Belle S. Wheelan.

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