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SPOL’s budgeting software aligns with your institution’s strategic plan to bring your mission, goals, and priorities to fruition. From an integrated platform, your institution’s department managers are empowered to evaluate department needs, forecast finances, and plan for expenses.

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Developed for higher education administrators to allocate resources and manage funds, SPOL’s budgeting platform provides a collaborative workflow that facilitates feedback and approvals. Customized reports and dashboards also provide current and historical budget detail. This high-level approach not only ensures your school has the right resources aligned at the right time but also aligns funding needs to your strategic plan, driving institutional excellence.

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Budget, Funding, and Resource Management

The best way to launch a plan is to fund it. But without a clear process, accountability, or transparency, securing funding for your plan can be daunting. Diamond streamlines budgeting by unifying operational budget planning with strategic planning resource allocation. Associate resources with objectives, develop approval processes, and reference historical data, turning plans into programs. Stop hoping to find budget for needed objectives. Instead, build a unified vision to fund your institution’s future.

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SPOL’s Budgeting platform aligns resource funding with strategic planning
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