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Higher education institutions around the world rely on SPOL

Higher education institutions around the world rely on SPOL to improve institutional efficiency, optimize student learning outcomes, and systematically prepare for accreditation.

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Prior to my arrival to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research, the College was using another cloud-based software solution for planning and accreditation. That software was very difficult to navigate and didn’t have an updated user’s manual. When I inquired about additional training, I learned that there would be additional fees that the College would have to cover.

We switched to SPOL because we were facing our SACSCOC decennial review in a couple of years. Although SPOL provided comprehensive training after the initial contract, SPOL has always been willing to assist with a refresher if needed. The user guides for each module provide tons of information and along with clear step-by-step instructions.

With SPOL, we didn’t feel we were the only ones on the island.

Russell Howton, Ph.D.

Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Research

SPOL has helped the University of Mount Olive integrate the flow of planning and budgeting information into a system that truly informs our strategic planning process and supports our continuous organizational effectiveness and accreditation compliance efforts.

The communication channels SPOL affords as a part of its integration has been the key to our success as we have grown from a small college to the medium-sized, geographically distributed private college we are today (six locations, three schools, nine administrative units and over fifty workgroups).

SPOL has most recently allowed us to respond to our new administration, serving as a highly adaptable tool for adjusting budgets, associated planning objectives, and organizational workgroup shifts.

Customer support is top-notch! We are excited about the adoption of the newest features coming available in this next release.

Carol G. Carrere, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President

At Paradise Valley Community College, the use of the SPOL has been transformational and helped establish an environment of accountability.

Using SPOL each department/unit can engage in the planning and budgeting process throughout the year. SPOL’s robust reporting and cross-unit collaboration functionality allows for and promotes a process that is open and transparent.

SPOL has enabled the college to better coordinate its strategic planning and budget process, engage stakeholder managers across the institution, align college outcomes to budgets, and establish a platform for collaboration and information sharing.

The use of SPOL was instrumental in successfully reaffirming our most recent regional accreditation.

John Snelling

Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

SPOL has been an invaluable tool in the creation, monitoring, and success of Three Rivers’ Strategic Plan, Coordinated Budgeting, Outcomes Assessment, and Accreditation Compliance.

Without SPOL, the college would not have been able to implement an ongoing system for planning, outcomes assessment, budgeting, and accreditation that was truly meaningful and a ‘living’ system.

SPOL has been the catalyst that has made our system work the way it should and is one of the major keys to our success.

Wesley Payne, Ph.D.