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Crystallizing your institution’s mission, ensuring accreditation

SPOL’s accreditation platform enables efficient self-study documentation, collaboration, and publication, sharpening your institution’s focus on student learning outcomes and continuous improvement.

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Our flexible platform intuitively guides teams through higher education regional and programmatic standards. SPOL centralizes collaboration and provides progress reports, keeping your self-study efforts on track. With shared repositories at their fingertips, your teams are further able to streamline the self-study process by gathering, reusing, and expanding upon previous responses, while collecting new evidence. When your self-study is complete, publishing to print, the web, or via portal is simple.

With SPOL, you’re not only prepared for accreditation: you’re always ready for accreditation.

SPOL’s platform supports your accreditation activities within the following regional accrediting agencies:

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Accreditation Management

Take the stress out of self-study and sharpen your focus on institutional effectiveness. Diamond’s centralized accreditation management platform streamlines efforts, fosters accountability, and builds a proactive accreditation framework. With Diamond, self-study is no longer a reactionary exercise based on compliance alone. Instead, it’s a powerful tool promoting institutional awareness and continuous improvement. Why simply prepare for accreditation, when you can always be ready for accreditation?

SPOL Diamond Accreditation Screen

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SPOL’s Accreditation platform facilitates self-study
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