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Your school’s faculty represents a critical link to fulfilling your institution’s mission and vision. SPOL’s credentialing software helps you document, organize, verify, and report on faculty credentials.

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Your credentialing team is empowered to qualify faculty for teaching based on earned degrees, relevant coursework, scholarly activities, licensures, certifications, and professional experience—building a comprehensive overview of your faculty’s skillsets.

Beyond ensuring proper credentialing, SPOL’s platform also streamlines your accreditation workflow by tying credentials to accreditation reports. To bolster your institution’s goal of continuous improvement and student success, SPOL empowers your administrative team to match faculty skillsets with program and discipline course offerings, creating a rich learning experience for students.

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Faculty Credentialing

Diamond’s Credentialing creates a centralized document repository that facilitates faculty credential collection, verification, and management across multiple colleges, departments, and programs using customizable Workflow that mirrors your approval processes and reduces administrative burden to streamline faculty credential management and accreditation.

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