Program Review

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Leading continuous improvement through actionable institutional insights

SPOL unifies your institution’s program review process and puts your data to work. Backed by data, you’ll understand the strengths and opportunities for improving programs and service areas—all within a single platform.


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Customizable Academic Program Review

In this session, learn how SPOL’s Assessment Module provides proof of Continuous Quality Improvement.  SPOL’s supports both Academic and Administrative program review to provide evidence of your institution’s commitment to Continuous Quality Improvement.

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Our integrated approach to program and service area reviews harnesses assessment data to uncover institutional trends, yield powerful insights, and drive continuous improvement. Using customized templates that reflect your institution’s standards and goals, your managers can document and analyze improvement efforts for relevant academic and operational areas. Centralized document repositories and workflows facilitate collaboration, routing responses to relevant parties and designated approvers. Once your final reports are complete, you can easily publish them for stakeholders, including accrediting bodies.

Powered by data science, SPOL sharpens your focus on institutional programs and service areas, fueling continuous improvement plans and writing your roadmap to institutional excellence.

Learn how SPOL's Assessment Module can help strengthen connections within your institution.

Assessment Management and Program Review

SPOL’s Assessment creates an intuitive framework supporting ongoing assessment, including Program Review, that is visible, accountable, and anchored in data with actionable insights at all levels. Your team is better positioned to fulfill your institution’s mission and achieve transformational outcomes with SPOL.

SPOL Diamond Assessment Screen
SPOL’s program review platform shines the spotlight on continuous improvement
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