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SPOL’s planning software ties your higher education institution’s mission and vision to specific goals and objectives within a powerful platform.

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Designed to streamline the complexities of aligning resources, allocating funds, and establishing goals and institutional priorities, SPOL can integrate strategic planning with the budgeting process to realize your school’s vision. SPOL’s planning software also adapts to your processes, key performance indicators, cross-functional initiatives, and best practices, reflecting your institution’s unique perspective.


Informed by data and validated by shared governance, SPOL empowers you to explore new horizons and continue to evolve the vision and vitality of your institution.

Diamond by SPOL Planning Module can help strengthen connections within your institution.


Diamond’s Planning helps institutions establish and execute a sustainable Strategic Planning process that mirrors your institutional complexity and unique mission. With built-in tools for documenting improvement plans, making resource requests, viewing activities, and managing workflows, Diamond’s Planning brings your strategic plan to life while reducing your administrative burden.

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