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Higher Education: Real-Time Insights for Every Facet of Your Institution

Diamond is SPOL reimagined. This innovative redesign of SPOL’s higher education platform delivers insights with clarity and precision.

Supported by Diamond, collaboration is simple, seamless, and more intuitive than ever, eliminating inefficient silos and connecting stakeholders. Diamond easily streamlines complex processes, including planning, accreditation, assessment, budgeting, and credentialing.

And, because Diamond intertwines with every facet of your institution, you’ll draw meaningful conclusions and make tangible improvements. Backed by proven business processes and armed with data, you’re fully empowered to reimagine your institution’s future.

Here’s to new beginnings. Reimagine your higher education institution with Diamond by SPOL.

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Streamlined workflows and smarter institutional insights

We redesigned SPOL from the ground up, so you can hit the ground running—fast. Diamond by SPOL is our swiftest, most intuitive platform yet.

Using partner institution feedback, we streamlined workflows, expedited processes, and introduced innovations to data management. Diamond is engineered to help you do more, faster, putting essential insights well within your reach. Organization is simple. Using gridded views, you can quickly see approvals and documentation. If you need more information, you can drill deeper into data using searchable lanes or detailed views. With Diamond, you can do all this and more while maintaining the same depth and richness of data that our partners have come to know and trust.

Whether your institution is a community college, large university, or multi-campus district, Diamond by SPOL adapts to your unique processes while demonstrating tangible improvements. Supported by a customizable framework, your team can conceive, execute, and validate a roadmap towards a sustainable future without missing a beat.

Learn how Diamond by SPOL deepens your commitment to fulfilling your institution’s mission.

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Work smarter and do more, faster

Harness proven business processes

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Dive deep without drowning in data

Modernize your technology

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Get the support you need, when you need it

Experience a truly integrated platform for institutional research and effectiveness

The core of SPOL’s mission is to transform institutions. Colleges and universities can do that and more through our fully integrated platform. Within Diamond, stakeholders can create, manage, and exchange data related to the core pillars of institutional research and effectiveness. Build a high-definition picture of your institution’s health while illuminating potential improvements, all supported by data transparency.

Interested in learning more about SPOL Diamond platform for higher education?

SPOL adapts to your institution while helping to craft a smart, sustainable solution.

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